Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic

Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic Sets Single Team Payout Record Sunday night couldn’t come soon enough for Nick Pratt and the crew aboard It Just Takes Time,

Carolina Skiff is all about Family, Fishing, and Fun!

Now is a great time to spend time on the water with family By Amy Lignor Carolina Skiff is all about Family, Fishing, and Fun!  Manufacturing the most durable, versatile, stable, and affordable boats on the market,

Yamaha’s Helm Master Modes Increase Angling Opportunities

Successful coastal fishing depends on being in the right place at the right time. Thanks to digital electronics and responsive engine control, that proposition is a whole lot easier now. Yamaha’s Helm Master system has some new advancements that allow anglers to precisely

Road tripping with your boat? Use these tips from a pro

If you are planning a boating vacation this summer heed this advice from Brandon Palaniuk. The professional bass angler from Idaho puts more miles on a boat trailer in a single year than most recreational boaters do in a lifetime.

Think Ahead About Safety When Launching Your Boat

Learn How to Safely Launch Your Boat By Ted Lund Yamaha Pro and boating safety advocate Hunter Bland has a few thoughts about safety when it comes to launching his boat.

Where to go Catch the Tarpon of your Dreams

Do the high-flying acrobatic leaps of a trophy tarpon excite you? How about the thought of the doubled-over rod bending action from this hard-charging fish known as the “silver king?” If you are an avid angler—saltwater or freshwater—you know the tarpon is among the

Exploring the Upper Keys

The Fla. Keys are famous for many things, from pirates and sunken Spanish treasure galleons to Ernest Hemingway’s Key West home with its pride of polydactyl cats. But for anglers, it’s best known for fishing. While the middle and southernmost Keys garner most of the good press, the upper Keys offer

Top Gulf Tarpon Tactics

Megalops atlanticus, or tarpon in plain English, are one of the most prized catches of nearshore anglers in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Now is the time to learn Top Gulf Tarpon Tactics.

Discover the Difference between the Tidewater LXF vs. CC Adventure Models

When buying a new boat, some of the terminologies that manufacturers use can be somewhat confusing. Thanks to some innovative thinking by innovative marine manufacturer, Tidewater Boats, the naming process for

Talking Bait with Yamaha Pro Cliff Pace

Yamaha Pro and 2013 Bassmaster Classic Champion Cliff Pace has some distinct thoughts when targeting largemouth bass competitively, and had a chance to share them with folks while getting ready to compete in the 2019 Bassmasters Classic.

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